Blogger or Influencer?

We're always looking for Bloggers, YouTubers and Creators to review our newest and cutest products! Please apply by email if you have a blog or YouTube channel that's relevant to our products or you think would be a good fit for our brand.

Apply by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • A link to your blog / channel
  • Short description of the type of review you would create and any unique ideas or style you have in mind 
  • Which social media channels do you usually promote your posts? Please include links to each one.
  • Any other information you think might be relevant

Our team will review the application and pick a select number of creators to work with. There is no requirement for the number of followers, viewers etc, however you are more likely to be picks if our team is impressed by the quality of your previous content.

Unfortunately, we can't work with everything applicant for the review / promotion programme, but we do absolutely love working with creators so please do not be afraid to apply!