Spill-Proof Elephant Lids (3-Pack)

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A spill-resistant drinking lid that fits almost any of your favourite cups or glasses. Easily pull the lid over the top of the cup and Ta-Da a spill-resistant drinking cup!

They are great to take to restaurants with the family, change the restaurant glass into a spill-resistant glass. The lightweight design make this super portable and easy to carry!


They are super easy to clean. You can put them in boiling water to sterilize or throw them in the dishwasher.

Important: Be sure to pinch both the spout and the ventilation opening to open the pre-cut slot before first use.

All Silicone - No Plastic 

Silicone is sometime confused with plastic but it is the ideal, sustainable alternative to plastic! Silicone are made from silicon (silica) and oxygen, which together is also called silicon oxide or silica. This substance is better known as quartz and is the main component of sand.  We have more than enough quartz on earth, it is the most abundant mineral and easily accessible.

Silicone is a rubbery, virtually unbreakable material. It is often confused with plastic, but it is not! Silicone are made from harmless, non-toxic materials. It look like plastic, but does not contain BPA, plasticizers, PVC or other harmful materials. The material is naturally resistant to bacterial and fungi, easy to clean with soapy water on in the dishwasher, lasts an extremely long time without breaking or releasing particles and is resistant to extreme temperature (-80 to +200 degrees).


Fits openings of 6.35 to 9.5 cm

Recommended aging is 9+ months 

High quality food grade silicone

BPA and phthalate free material 

Dishwasher proof, Spill-resistant, not leak proof

Foldable and stackable