Easy Feed - Bottle Weaning Feeder

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Our feeding bottle is soft and comfortable, you need never worry about hurting your baby's delicate gums. Convenient one hand feeding, helps to make feeding time easier and less messy. Perfect tableware for feeding your baby milk, formula, water, rice cereal, juice, puree, soup and other liquid food.
Soft silicone material protects your baby’s delicate gums and teeth. Our unique Rounded soft silicone spoon bowls are the safer option for babies. No Rough Edges ensure no tears. These spoons will never hurt your little one’s sensitive mouth and are perfect for chewing when teething.
The spoon bottle holds 3 ounces of baby food, our no leak design keeps food from escaping, dust cover keeps the bottle clean and the cap keeps the spoon sanitary in your purse or diaper bag. Excellent to use anywhere.
Food grade soft silicone is a kind of safe and non-toxic material that was confirmed stable and virtually harmless to humans,so it's been highly recommend to use in Baby‘s or Kitchen's products. Our silicone bottles are FDA certified, BPA-free, and non-toxic. We hope everyone can make the transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and love the idea of reusable spoons.