3 layer Portable Baby Food Storage Container

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Baby Formula Dispenser 

Store your child’s milk in this Baby Formula Dispenser Milk Container so you never have to bring the whole can or box of mil anymore. Make your life easier especially when outdoors! This container will allow you to pack lighter and so you can bring only the stuff you will need for the day.

Multipurpose Milk Container

This container has a 3 layer design where you can put other kinds of food than milk. If your child only drinks one or 2 bottles of milk a day, the other slot can be used for some snack! Or if your child is not drinking milk anymore, you can use all the layers for different kinds of small food. You can put cereals, oatmeal, fruit bits, candies and many more. Or, you can also put a pureed food and it will be secured inside without leaks! Every layer is tightly sealed and with an airtight design.

High-quality Storage

Made with food grade plastic material which is non-toxic and is very much safe to use. This is really for storing formula milk but can be used for other small snacks too! Every layer is in screw cap closure design making the food safe and clean inside. The top cap has a cute ears design perfect for kids. It also has a mini loop on top for easy carrying.

This kind of plastic is easy to clean but best of course with mild soap and rinse with water. It will not hold any smell of the food it last stored and will not stain easily. You will be able to use this for a very long time!

Lightweight and Durable

Instead of bringing the whole box or can of milk, transferring them instead into a container like this one is much better. It has a convenient spout so you can easily transfer it to bottles or glasses when it is time to mix the milk! This container is lightweight but is very durable.